Brightwater Program Waitlist

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If no district, please enter "independent"

If you have more than 60 students, you MUST submit a separate request for each additional day you would need. WE WILL NOT CONSIDER REQUESTS FOR MORE THAN 60 STUDENTS OR SINGLE REQUESTS FOR MORE THAN ONE DAY.

At least one adult chaperone is required for every 15 students; 12 adults maximum.

Please check all grades that will be attending, including split classes.
Program Requested

Transportation to Brightwater

We ask all schools to provide their own transportation to and from the Brightwater Center. However, If you are unable to provide a bus for your group and are still interested in participating, we may be able to provide transportation to and from your school through King County's Wheels to Water transportation program. To qualify, schools must be 35% or higher free and reduced lunch percentage. Transportation assistance is dependent upon King County funding.

Your confirmation email will include instructions on how to formally request a bus.

e.g. What is your class studying? Do you have any students with special needs?